Showrunner Training Program 2020 – Recommendation Form

To be completed online by a current or recent (2016 – 2018) Showrunner/EP, OR a Current/Development Executive at a network or studio

Candidate eligibility requirements:
  • "Current - Active" member of Writers Guild of America West or East;
  • Supervising Producer level or above on a current dramatic (comedy or drama) television series; AND/OR
  • Have a pilot script, pilot or series currently set up at a network, cable channel or streaming service.

Deadline for Recommendations - Monday, September 16, 2019

All fields are required.

Regarding the candidate you are recommending:
3) Please comment on your candidate's potential and abilities in the following areas:
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*When finalized, click Submit Recommendation ONCE and a copy will be sent to your email as provided above. Please allow time for your submission to go through and do not click multiple times.

Deadline for Recommendations - Monday, September 16, 2019

If you have any questions concerning the submission process or the Program, please call Program Director Carole Kirschner at (323) 782.4867 or email the Showrunner Training Program.