The WGAW maintains a searchable list of titles for which we are holding foreign levies but have not identified the writer(s). Most of these titles are works that were not covered under a WGA collective bargaining agreement. In some cases, the titles have been altered through translation or misspelled by the foreign collection society that provided the distribution data.

You may view the entire list or search for particular names by following the instructions below. Please contact us if:

  • You are the writer of a work that appears on the list.
  • You are the heir or beneficiary of the writer of a work that appears on the list.
  • You have information about the writer(s) of a work that appears on the list.
  • You may provide us with this information by filing the online claim form and or calling the Foreign Levies Department at (323) 782-4725.

    The Guild cannot certify the accuracy of information in the writer and title data bases, much of which comes unedited from foreign collection societies.

    To start filing your online claim, please follow the instructions below.


    To view the entire list of works in pdf format, please click [A-D],  [E-K],  [L-P],  [Q-S],  or   [T-Z].   To search the list, fill in the blanks below and click on SEARCH.

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