The WGAW maintains a list of titles with credited writers on projects not covered under a WGA collective bargaining agreement and for which we are not currently holding foreign levies. The list will allow us to distribute foreign levies for these titles in the event payments are received in the future.

If you are the writer of an audiovisual work that is or may be distributed in foreign markets, we invite you to register the title and your personal information with the Guild. Registration, of course, does not guarantee that you will receive foreign levies. All distributions are based on data provided by the foreign collection society. But in the event that the Guild does receive foreign levies attributable to a work that you wrote, registration will allow us to find you.

It is not necessary for you to register your title in any of the following circumstances:

  • The work was written under a WGA collective bargaining agreement.
  • The WGA determined the writing credits for the work.
  • You have previously received residuals or foreign levy payments based on the work.

    You may register your title of Non-WGA work by filing out an online Register Title of Non-WGA Work Form and WGAW will contact you for additional supporting data.